Medical database and specialty registers:
epidemiology and public health instruments

The collection of medical data targeted on a disease are powerful tools in the service of public health. Their implementation requires compliance with a methodology guaranteeing data consistency and security. The technical issues related to the feeding of these bases by multiple sources and centers must be anticipated to ensure this consistency.

The advantages of our databases

Relevance of our technical base

Epiconcept has extensive experience in medical databases, including rare diseases. We lean on the pedestal Voozanoo according to a standard method that makes it possible to set up data collection that is both ergonomic and secure. Epiconcept designs the appropriate data structure with its client. This one can then be autonomous – if he wishes it – in the construction of the forms, the addition and the archiving of new variables.

Adapted and scalable architecture

Voozanoo makes it possible to set up any database structure, from the simplest to the most complex, making it possible, at any time, to archive or add new data.

Data extraction

The data is freely extractable by authorized users.

Voozanoo offers functionalities for setting up dashboards or statistical analyzes (R module). Our teams can support you with specific skills in bio-statistics.

Accommodation / HDS

The entire hosting service provided by Epiconcept on the platform Voozanoo is covered by the ISO 27001 HDS certification. This certification guarantees compliance with the legal framework around the security and confidentiality of health data.

Segmentation and management of access rights

Data access rights are precisely defined and may change over time and the data collected.


When data is collected manually, ergonomics becomes a tool to make data entry more reliable.

Voozanoo offers functionalities to set up dashboards or analyzes
statistics (R module).

    Examples of projects Medical database and specialty registers


    Sponsor: AFM Telethon
    Dates: since 2014

    The AFM sets up under Voozanoo rare disease databases, federated within a database portal.

    UHF Imminent

    Sponsor: Lille University Hospital
    Dates: Since 2018

    Imminent federative hospital-university project (FHU) (inflammatory diseases and targeted therapies), financed by the CHU and the University of Lille.

    Its purpose is to monitor all patients with inflammatory diseases. 7 different pathologies are now included in a multi-database portal: Angioedema, Psoriatic arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Atopic dermatitis, Lupus, Systemic scleroderma, Severe asthma


    Sponsor: French Polynesia Health Department
    Dates: 2021 – ongoing

    Realization of the information system for the rheumatoid arthritis screening and registry acute in French Polynesia

    Institute of Myology

    Sponsor: Institute of Myology
    Dates: since 2012

    File exchange platform in the context of studies and a study platform

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