Turnkey IT solution for carrying out epidemiological surveillance and alerts & responses

Epidemiological surveillance refers to the continuous and systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of health-related data necessary for the planning, implementation and evaluation of public health practices. By providing accurate and reliable information and analyzes on the situation and evolution of present diseases, it provides the basis for disease prevention and control policies.

The advantages of our support

Team expertise

With more than 20 years of experience, public health actors benefit from personalized support from the Epiconcept teams. (epidemiologists, data manager, IT specialists): services and advice in the development and management of epidemiological surveillance systems, analysis of dedicated data, evaluation, management of programs for strengthening the components of surveillance of communicable diseases (training in epidemiology, laboratory, IT ).

High responsiveness of our intervention teams

Health crises require an appropriate response to be provided within very short deadlines. They are generally anticipated by a monitoring and alert system, to identify the occurrence of major epidemics or pandemics, crises linked to contaminated drugs or vaccines, climatic or meteorological events, consequences of accidents, etc.

The response (technical or human) to health crises mobilizes key skills: expertise, adaptability to difficult terrain and responsiveness.

On the other hand, Epiconcept can set up a tailor-made team as well as the appropriate on-call duty to deal with an urgent request (H1N1 crises, Covid, earthquake in Haiti, etc.).

Intervention on all phases of monitoring programs

Upstream : identification of priorities, definition of quantifiable objectives, implementation of monitoring systems (multicentric collection, dashboards, etc.).

In the monitoring phase: descriptive analysis, including cartography and GIS (Geographic Information System); time series analysis.

Downstream: on request, evaluation of surveillance systems and practical recommendations for their improvement.
This expertise can be supplemented by setting up the IT components of epidemiological surveillance systems and by user training.

Epiconcept provides stakeholders in the field with alert tools, business dashboards and IT solutions for the detection and management of health alerts.

Adapted technical solutions

In an emergency, surveillance systems can be put in place for exceptional situations and during pandemics (large organized gatherings of the population).

Compliance GDPR & HDS

The entire hosting service provided by Epiconcept on the platform Voozanoo is covered by the ISO 27001 HDS certification. This certification guarantees compliance with the legal framework around the security and confidentiality of health data.

    Examples of epidemiological surveillance and alerts & responses projects


    Sponsor: CIRE Indian Ocean, CIRE Antilles-Guyana
    Dates: 2006 – ongoing

    Cth system'information to manage the surveillance of major syndromes works since 2006 in the West Indies and on the'Reunion Island. It brings into play a management unit as well as sentinel physicians with direct access to the system or that can be queried regularly.

    Reported cases can be aggregated or individual (in the case of lab results).

    The system is interoperable via API: a automatic transmission to a control system anti-vector (investigation and monitoring) has been set up.

    Autonomous monitoring platform

    Sponsor: Public Health France
    Dates: 2006 – ongoing

    This type of platform is made available d'institutional teams responsible for monitoring and must enable the design and quickly and securely deploy quizzes at the'use by healthcare professionals public such as the ARS, for example.

    several hundred of'investigations were thus carried out in place at fil years and l'occasion of crises particular (H1N1, COVID, Monkey Pox, etc.) or in the frame'long-term monitoring.

    The teams are autonomous, Epiconcept can provide support if necessary.


    Sponsor: WHO
    Dates: 2015 – ongoing

    Global Drug Resistance Surveillance System antimicrobials'World Health Organization, GLASS aggregates clinical, epidemiological and laboratory tests on the most common pathogens threats to global health.

    With its application base Voozanoo, Epiconcept has developed the platform and the module'statistical analyzes in an approach "One Health". This systemic view of public health (human, animal and environmental) aims to betterfftackling emerging diseases at risk pandemic.


    Sponsor: Ministère de la Santé
    Dates: 2015–2017

    The SI-VIC web platform (SI VICtimes) is a typical example of health crisis alert and response systems offered by Epiconcept.

    SI-VIC was developed under emergency conditions following the attacks of November 2015. It enabled health agencies to quickly have a shared and secure database adapted to events generating numerous injuries (attack, seizure of hostage, accident on the public highway, etc.).

    This platform thus offered a system for listing emergency room admissions with a search for duplicates and the possibility of transfers from one service to another.

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