Tailor-made e-health projects: Simplified translation of requirements into applications

Since its creation, Epiconcept has been developing tailor-made information systems for the management of public health programs.

Our solutions closely meet the needs of public health actors thanks to our approach, which is based on 5 main principles:

  1. We believe in collaborative work : We apply a rigorous project management methodology that involves the client throughout the creative process with transparent and permanent communication.
  2. We use the right tools with the sole and unique objective of meeting business expectations
  3. We know what we're talking about : more than 25 years at the service of public health actors and many experiences in the field allow us a detailed understanding of the problems of our customers.
  4. Our collaborators are passionate : we love our work and our mission, and it's contagious!
  5. We are very attentive to health data : the technical and organizational environment put in place ensures full compliance with the regulatory framework. Epiconcept is an ISO-27001 HDS certified company

    The added value of Epiconcept e-health projects

    Voozanoo & Epicraft technical base

    Developed by Epiconcept and for public health players, our Voozanoo technical base allows the deployment of scalable health applications within a secure environment.
    The Epicraft editor allows non-IT business experts to easily design, deploy and maintain complex applications in the health field.

    Data Science

    The possibility of using data science to improve public health programs


    Let's stay the course, it is the rigorous and participative methodology applied by Epiconcept in the design phase and for the entire life of the project

    Certification / HDS

    ISO 27001 HDS certification guarantees compliance with the legal framework around the security and confidentiality of health data

    Practical cases


    Secure web platform
    allowing meticulous collection and processing of information collected in the context of population cohort studies.

    Patient files
    Care course

    Implementation of reliable and efficient information systems allowing the sharing and circulation of health data between health professionals.

    Medical Database

    A simple solution and
    secure for health data management

    Epidemiological surveillance / Alert & response

    Development and management of epidemiological surveillance and alert systems, dedicated data analysis, evaluation, management of programs to strengthen disease surveillance components

    Clinical & epidemiological studies Epistudy

    Our Epistudy solution
    allows the complete management of study projects using health data.

    Data Science

    Custom solutions
    to better exploit the
    electronic data
    individual health-related.

    Occupational Medicine

    Information system
    for the observatories of
    occupational health

    National Reference Center

    Epiconcept accompany
    many centers since
    several years in data monitoring, alert management and epidemiological surveillance

    Major Public Institutions

    Epiconcept supports
    various major public institutions, such as INSERM, Public Health France, WHO, European ECDC, Ministry of Health, APHP, ARS, etc.

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      Health data hosting

      We are Health Data Host (HDS) of a personal nature since 2012 with ISO 27001/HDS certification since 2019.

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