COVID-19 screening: a new module integrated into the Suite Santé Prévention

22 April 2020

The Preventative Health Suite now includes a new module for future COVID-19 screening centres.

This new COVID-19 module contains:

  • An appointment scheduling manager for the screening centres
  • A virtual waiting room COVID-19
  • A COVID-19 questionnaire
  • The realization of TROD/serology/PCR COVID-19
  • The printing of a certificate (and other documents)
  • Statistics and data exports on COVID-19 activity
  • The integration of laboratory results.

Epiconcept is also in a position to equip new centres that will be required to perform COVID-19 screening.

The Health Presention Suite is a modular offer from Epiconcept that brings together three softwares (Cupidon for STI screening, Vaxi for the management of a vaccination center, and Damoc, a system for tracking index tuberculosis cases and their contacts) within a secure multi-stakeholder web portal.

If you are concerned by this screening, you can contact us by email at