COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic: for Epiconcept, business continuity plan and support for our customers

30 October 2020

At midnight on October 30, we entered a second phase of containment in France related to the COVID-19 epidemic. During the first phase, we presented the measures implemented by Epiconcept to maintain all of our services and support you: we remind you of them today.

Maintaining our Business Continuity Plan and telework

Our current organization is compatible with a crisis such as the one we are going through again today. 

Already formalized as part of our Health Data Hosting certification, our business continuity plan (on-call system, remote administration, implementation of a close monitoring committee) is maintained, as well as teleworking for which all our teams are equipped (remote communication systems, VPN, teleconferencing...).
We thus guarantee you a stable and perennial level of service and security guarantees. 
N.B. : for any request, we still advise you to use ticketing or e-mails rather than calling our offices.

For our customers: our COVID-19 task force

Since mid-March, many of you have entrusted us with projects to help you in the response to the epidemic. We can mention the following:
. The management of COVID-19 screenings in our Health Preventative Suite ;
. COVIDRIVE, an information system for PCR tests planning; 
. The COVIREIVAC platform for recruiting candidates for vaccine trials ; 
. A collection platform for researches related to the contamination context of health professionals. 
. The Firiora project: adaptation to the Polynesian health context of a software specialized in the prevention and monitoring of epidemics. 

You can send us your needs for the emergency deployment of online systems or consult us for any pandemic-related issue (planning and flow management, research project, activity monitoring, etc.). 
Our dedicated email address is