Discover our story… where Epiconcept comes from to find out where we are going!

  • 2022

    NeoScope to e-SIS 3D ! e-SIS 3D is a Online Organized Screening Information System (SIDO) for cancers, common to CRCDCs and practitioners.

    Creation by a group of collaborators of "Epifood", taste animation allowing to value the culinary talents of some and to make benefit all the teams!

    Epiconcept celebrates 25 years serving public health actors! Official date in 2021, having had to be postponed due to a large number of infected employees...

  • 2021

    Epiconcept coordinates the VEBIS project (Vaccine Effectiveness, Burden and Impact Studies) aimed at measuring the effectiveness of vaccines against COVID-19 and seasonal influenza in the EU/EEA

    The 4 associates of Epiconcept are Loïc Flachet, Guillaume Jeannerod, Valérie Nancey and Etienne Sévin

    In April 2021 Epiconcept moves to more beautiful, higher premises to see the Eiffel Tower and magnificent sunsets!

  • 2020

    Participation in the response to the Covid health crisis. All the teams will be mobilized for months to support the institutions in charge of the response to the epidemic as closely as possible.

    Creation of the brand Epiconcept NGO.

  • 2019

    Epiconcept is certified Personal health data host HDS.

  • 2017

    Creation d'Epiconcept Indian Ocean, to strengthen the teams of the Epiconcept group and strengthen its service offer.

  • 2016

    For its 20th anniversary, Epiconcept is throwing a banging party!

  • 2015

    Epiconcept passes the milestone of 50 people.

  • 2014

    Epiconcept participates in the response to the epidemic in Ebola virus by making its team of epidemiologists available to the WHO in Guinea

  • 2012

    Epiconcept obtains approval “personal health data host”

  • 2010

    Birth of the 2nd SSP module (Prevention Health Suite) DAMOC

  • 2009

    Epiconcept is selected to coordinate the network for the surveillance and investigation of epidemics in the Indian Ocean

  • 2008

    Birth of the Module Cupidon, 1st module of the SSP (Prevention Health Suite)

  • 2007

    Epiconcept coordinates the European network I-MOVE for measuring the effectiveness and impact of influenza vaccines

  • 2006

    Epiconcept creates a epidemiology department with 3 main activities: operational research, training and service activities

    Epiconcept is rapidly becoming a key player in the coordination of international surveillance networks.

  • 2002

    The first version of Voozanoo, the technical base of Epiconcept, is born

  • 2001

    Etienne Sévin and Loïc Flachet join the partners of Epiconcept

  • 2000

    Epiconcept resists the year 2000 bug

  • 1996

    After several years spent in the scientific department of Médecins Sans Frontières, Gilles Desvé, Daniel Cauët, Valérie Nancey and Guillaume Jeannerod create Epiconcept with the aim of providing IT solutions to public health actors

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