Central purchasing referencing

Epiconcept solutions are referenced in 3 Purchasing Centers

CAIH Hospital IT Purchasing Center – ELODI Market

Epiconcept is one of the 65 suppliers of the CAIH by offering its solutions
Voozanoo and other software solutions in SaaS mode in the updated ELODI catalog
available to 2000 members.
The markets developed by the CAIH cover all IT needs
intended for its members of health establishments and health establishments,
medico-social and social (public and private non-profit health establishments).
You are a public buyer and you wish to join the CAIH, go to the portal at
the next address : https://portail.caih-sante.org

For more information : https://www.caih-sante.org/

Ugap Market (Union of Public Purchasing Groups) Multi-publishers

UGAP offers a large and evolving catalog of + 3000 publishers in order to meet
quickly to the needs of public actors, whether ad hoc or associated with projects
Through this market, public buyers can acquire software solutions
presented in publishers' catalogs (Standard software or business solutions

  1. Software licenses and their maintenance

    Publisher licenses are available for purchase and rental, on servers
    remote (“SaaS” mode) or directly installed on the customer’s workstations or servers
    (“on premise”).
    The multi-publisher market allows you to acquire:

    • Software
    • Updates
    • Maintenance-support editors
    • Installation brackets
    • Documentation media

    2. Simple or exclusive services

    Associated services can also be offered through this market. They
    must be acquired in addition to a license or publisher maintenance-support and have
    a connection link with the licenses ordered.
    These are the so-called "simple" services and the services exclusive to publishers, which are
    offered on the catalog of publishers:

    Simple services:

    • Installing the software in the customer's information system
    • The simple configuration of the software, without specific development
    • Training (transfer of skills/handling of the software)

    These services are imperative related to the purchase of software or maintenance-support
    and have a connection link with the order.

    Exclusive services:

    • These are all the services exclusively achievable by the publishers and appearing in their catalog
    • Publishers must provide a certificate of exclusivity valid for the duration of the execution of the purchase order

      For more information : https://www.ugap.fr/catalogue-marche-public/multi-editeurs_16505.html

      Resah (Hospital Purchasers Network)

      The Resah is a public interest group (GIP) whose objective is to support the
      pooling and professionalization of purchases in the health sector, public and private
      It is accessible to the contracting authorities intervening on a principal or ancillary basis in
      the health, medico-social and social sector.

      It collaborates with more than 1700 establishments in the health, medico-social and social sectors in
      France and more than 700 suppliers.
      Resah membership is the necessary prerequisite to take advantage of its offers. To join,
      register on the Portal: https://www.resah.fr/0/10/117

      Consult the Member's Guide:

      For more information : https://www.resah.fr/0/2/85

      Central purchasing referencing

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