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Hospital IT Purchasing Center CAIH – ELODI Catalog

Le Voozanoo technical base and its modules are integrated into the ELODI catalog of the Hospital IT Purchasing Center (CAIH), which prepares and leads public contracts in the IT and telecoms field, for its members (public and private non-profit health establishments).

The ELODI catalog references more than 150 solutions negotiated under the best conditions and covering most of the functional areas of healthcare establishments: care production, patient management, support services, innovative solutions, etc.

Voozanoo: a solution adapted to the construction of personalized applications, in an HDS environment

Designed for public health information systems (clinical studies or medical databases, cohort monitoring, shared medical records, epidemiological surveillance system, etc.), Voozanoo offers healthcare establishments the following advantages: 

  • An intuitive editor allowing you to build databases as you configure them (consistency checks; management of rights and categories, creation of forms, links, listings and exports of data and results)
  • A guarantee of system interoperability (with secure health messaging, DMP, medical devices, HIS, RIS, PACS, real-life health data, etc.). 
  • An HDS environment 
  • A series of modules that can be activated as needed, to build “à la carte” applications.  

With ELODI, a simplified ordering process 

Public and/or private non-profit healthcare establishments that are members of the CAIH and wish to create a project with Voozanoo can:

  • Realize an expression of needs on the HELIOS / ELODI website made available by SCC – “Requests” menu.
  • Contact us to obtain a financial simulation (membership must be requested from the CAIH; it is effective within 2 to 3 days).  

    After agreement on the technical memorandum explaining the implementation of the solution and the possible invoicing milestones, Epiconcept sends its quote to SCC, which checks its consistency with the lines of the catalog provided for ELODI and sends it back to the establishments so that they finalize their order.

    Central purchasing referencing

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