Epiconcept project

Everyone's health is everyone's business. this is the very spirit of public health programs.

The more their approach is humane, ethical and in tune with medical concerns, the more they will improve everyone's health and life.

Computer scientists, doctors, epidemiologists and data scientists: we contribute to the improvement of public health programs by improving knowledge of diseases and by providing the various actors with technological tools and advice.

In the service of public health,
Epiconcept defines itself as a private company of general interest.

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    Our commitments to our customers and employees


    The quality of our services is essential. We make it an asset and are committed to a process of continuous improvement.


    Within Epiconcept, everyone assumes their responsibilities with the utmost rigor in carrying out health projects, and we are proud of this.


    Scientific independence, respect for hosted health data, open source contributions; ethics is one of the foundations of our professional practices.


    Employees, customers, partners; we form a single team to carry out public health projects with unwavering commitment.

    Discover Epiconcept's commitments with our CEO

    Central purchasing referencing

    Health data hosting

    We are Health Data Host (HDS) of a personal nature since 2012 with ISO 27001/HDS certification since 2019.

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    Commitment and ethics

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