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Each person’s health is everyone’s concern, this is the very spirit of public health programmes.

The more they are connected, the more efficient these programmes will be. The more their approach is humane, ethical and in line with medical concerns, the more they will improve everyone’s health and life.

As software developers, doctors, epidemiologists and data scientists, we contribute to the improvement of public health programmes by strengthening the understanding of diseases and by offering consulting services and software tools for public health professionals.

Epiconcept relies on its "Smart Health" offer. It combines skills in e-health, data sciences and epidemiology as applied to public health.


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The Smart Health approach

With its standard softwares or dedicated projects, Epiconcept guarantees:

- A creative force, amplified by its dual core of expertise in health and IT
- A high quality, open and "user centric" approach when it comes to developing projects or choosing suitable products. Learn more 

Voozanoo, technical foundation of the Smart Health project

As the application foundation for all Epiconcept e-Health projects, Voozanoo is constantly optimized in a "test and learn" approach. For more information, check our dedicated section. 

Epiconcept, personal health data host

The Voozanoo platform is certified as a "personal health data host". Epiconcept is a member of the French association of personal health data providers (AFHADS).

Epiconcept complies with the rules induced by the DGMP.

Advanced data processing, algorithms and analysis: the Data Science unit identifies recurring issues and ways to optimize public health programs.  It supports customers’ data exploitation by offering services and solutions such as:

- Structured databases analysis for the reporting of epidemiological or biostatistical data
- Ad hoc requests: Feedback Explorer (semantic analysis module) and Social network analysis module (identification of entities/ontologies, sentiment analysis).

It also provides a SaaS software suite offering a Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, Zeppelin, Lucene) and a technical platform (text mining, data mining, web crawling, social network connectors).

Combining e-technologies and epidemiology, its expertise and consulting activities cover:

- Applied research: study coordination, drafting of research protocols, coordination of multinational research programmes (Europe), scientific communications

- Services: biostatistics and data analysis, training  

- Epidemiological surveillance and response: support to outbreak investigation, setting up and coordination of surveillance networks, programme evaluation

Our offer


Post-marketing vaccine evaluation studies

Disease registries

Population cohorts

Medical databases

Epidemiological Surveillance

IT platform for surveillance

Set-up and evaluation of surveillance systems

IT solutions

Mobile health

Alert & Response

Task force provision

Tools for case & contact management

Tools for response coordination

Management of attack victims


Studies on vaccine performance

Assessment of processes

Tools for studies on psychosocial risks at work


Tools for cancer screening programmes

Tools for STI screening

Tools for Neonatal screening

Tools for Tuberculosis screening

Care coordination

Custom tracking plan

Computerised patient record

Multidisciplinary consultation meeting

Practitioners Networks, second opinion

Training courses

Software training

Training in Epidemiology

Solutions for international solidarity organisations

Human resources management

Inventory management

Accounting in the field

Computerised patient records

Data science

Biostatistical analyses

Free texts analysis

Adaptive recoding of responses

Social media debates

Analysis and monitoring

Data science project management

Big-data architecture

Epiconcept associates


Guillaume Jeannerod


Thomas Czernichow

Director of the e-Health products and services division

Valérie Nancey

Epidemiology Chief Financial and Business Development Officer

Etienne Sévin

Software architect

Loïc Flachet

Epiconcept OI Director

Our news

Epiconcept participates in a new Horizon 2020 Project set to strengthen EU preparedness and response to future pandemics

Epiconcept will work as part of a major European project on pandemic preparedness and response, starting February 2021. The PANDEM-2 Project will develop IT systems and processes to improve the European Union’s preparedness and response to future pandemics. New solutions developed by PANDEM-2 will enable the simulation of future pandemics and the training of pandemic managers on a national and pan-European basis. PANDEM-2 tools will also allow for improved planning…

Case study: use of Voozanoo by Foch Hospital

A private multidisciplinary hospital, the Foch Hospital is a reference establishment and is ranked among the top French hospitals. The IT Services Department (DSI) is hard at work in the digital transformation. It calls on Epiconcept to provide a configurable care or protocol monitoring database, adaptable to the needs of the teams and compliant with current standards (CNIL, RGPD). Discover our case study:

Vaxi: an IT solution adapted for the management of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Vaxi, Epiconcept’s IT solution for the complete management of vaccination centers activities, meets the recommendations of French health authorities and the needs of professionals for the implementation of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19. A solution adapted to the management of COVID-19 vaccination Vaxi includes an Eligibility module that meets the COVID-19 vaccination eligibility criteria provided by the Haute Autorité de Santé for the management of patients. It includes: – An…

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