The Epiconcept Project

As software developers, doctors, epidemiologists and data scientists, we contribute to the improvement of public health programmes by strengthening the understanding of diseases and by offering consulting services and software tools for public health professionals.

Each person’s health is everyone’s concern,  this is the very spirit of public health programmes.  The more they are connected, the more efficient these programmes will be.  The more their approach is humane, ethical and in line with medical concerns, the more they will improve everyone’s health and life.  We are doctors, epidemiologists, data scientists and IT specialists, this is our approach, this is the Epiconcept vision.

Since 1996, Epiconcept has been a company committed to the sustainable coexistence of scientific and technological innovation and human values (quality, ethics, responsibility and long-term involvement) in support of public health players.

In March 2017, Epiconcept launched the «Smart Health» project based on :


  • a mission: to contribute to improving public health programmes by increasing knowledge of diseases and by making technological tools and advice available to the various players,
  • a very high-quality human group,
  • values: quality, ethics, responsibility and long-term involvement,
  • recognised expertise in epidemiology,
  • recognised expertise in e-Health,
  • a partnership approach with public health players in France and abroad.
  • mobile technologies,
  • creation of large databases,
  • multicentre studies,
  • big data,
  • internet of things, etc.
  • epidemiological studies,
  • computerised management systems for public health programmes,
  • and their combination to make a new offer combining information systems and data use.
  • the dominant role of the individual,
  • civil society involvement,
  • lack of confidence in the health authorities.


To develop Epiconcept sustainably with the ambition of playing a preponderant role among public health players in France and abroad. The «Smart Health» approach also guarantees respect for the individual and for scientific independence, maximum quality in our deliverables and a fulfilling and secure work environment for all employees.

Voozanoo, technical platform for the Smart Health project

Voozanoo is the application platform developed by Epiconcept on which all of Epiconcept's e-Health projects have been based for more than 15 years. Voozanoo makes it possible to pool developments for the different Epiconcept products that are based on it. Over time, Voozanoo has become a working methodology, a service offer and a data collection platform.


Epiconcept, host of personal health data

Epiconcept is certified by ASIP as a “personal health data host” for the Voozanoo platform. The technical requirements relating to security, risk analysis and the establishment of an ISSP (Information Systems Security Policy) for obtaining this accreditation are very similar to those for the ISO 27001 standard.

Epiconcept is a member of the French association of personal health data hosts: AFHADS

Our History

  • 2017Epiconcept launches its Smart Health strategy: epidemiology, e-Health solutions and the use of big data to support public health players in France and abroad
  • 2014Epiconcept contributes to the response to the Ebola virus epidemic by making its team of epidemiologists available to the WHO in Guinea
  • 2012Epiconcept hosts personal health data
  • 2006Epiconcept creates an epidemiology department with 3 main activities: operational research, training and service activities
  • 2002The first version of Voozanoo, Epiconcept’s technical platform, is launched
  • 1996After several years in the scientific department of Doctors Without Borders, Gilles Desvé, Daniel Cauët, Valérie Nancey and Guillaume Jeannerod create Epiconcept with the aim of providing IT solutions to public health players



carried out in support of public health actors



with experience and motivation



where Epiconcept operates


health databases

securely hosted

The management team

Guillaume Jeannerod - CEO

Guillaume Jeannerod

Thomas Czernichow - Directeur du département  Logiciels et Services

Thomas Czernichow

Director of Software and Services Department
Alain Moren - Directeur du Département Epidémiologie

Alain Moren

Director of the Epidemiology Department
Valérie Nancey - Directrice Administrative et Financière

Valérie Nancey

Administrative and Financial Director
Jamila Ait-Boujounoui - Directrice Administrative et Financière adjointe

Jamila Ait-Boujounoui

Deputy Director of Administrative and Financial
Sébastien Becquerel _ Directeur de la R&D et du Framework

Sébastien Becquerel

Director of R & D and the Framework
Stéphane Caillé - Directeur de projet

Stéphane Caillé

Project Director
Dalhia Khnafo - Directrice de projet

Dalhia Khnafo

Project Director
Etienne Sévin - Directeur de Projet - Architecte Logiciel

Etienne Sévin

Software architect
Franck Soury - Directeur du Développement Commercial

Franck Soury

Business Development Director
Marta Valenciano - Directrice adjointe du département Epidémiologie

Marta Valenciano

Deputy Director of the Epidemiology Department

Our offer


Phase IV Studies

Disease registries

Use of big data

Population cohorts

Medical Databases

Epidemiological Surveillance

IT plateform for surveillance

Evaluation of surveillance systems

IT Solutions

Mobile Health

Information systems

Alert and Response

Task force provision

Case management

Tools for coordinating the response

Management of victims of attacks



Assessment of pratices

Work Psychosocial Risks


Cancer screening

STI screening

Neonatal screening

Tuberculosis screening

Care coordination

Custom tracking plan

Computerised patient record


Practitioners Networks, second opinion


Software training

Training in Epidemiology

Solutions for international solidarity organisations

Human ressources management


Inventory management

Computerised patient record


Our references

They trust us

Our Partners

Epiconcept works with partners that share common values on a long-term basis.


Epiconcept is a member of:


Our news

Epiconcept team wishes you all the best for 2018!

Salons – Évènements

Nelson Mandela


voeux 2018

The ​Epiconcept team is happy to have shared this year 2017 by your side.

For 2018, we wish you fruitful collaborations, dynamism, creativity and ​much happiness.

Together, let’s ​make 2018 a year of success in everything we do.

​Best of the year to you!

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The e-SIS solution presented from 8th to 10th November at the SFSPM Congress

Salons – Évènements

Come meet the e-SIS team from 08 to 10 November 2017 at the Grand Palais of Lille on the trade show booth 37.

Click here to find out more about the e-SIS solution (dematerialisation of flows to optimize the path of the patient file as part of the national organized breast cancer screening program).

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L’application Voozanoo mobile : Voozanoo désormais disponible via vos téléphones et tablettes IOS et Androïd

Products and projects news

Si vous ou votre équipe avez besoin de saisir des formulaires de votre application Voozanoo sur un appareil mobile, l’application mobile est faite pour vous (présentation vidéo). Toute application Voozanoo 4 peut être configurée pour permettre le remplissage des formulaires sur un appareil mobile.

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