Information system for Parkinson’s patient follow-up


The goal of this project is to create a patient follow-up system for the 25 expert centers in the French national clinical research network on Parkinson’s disease (NS-Park, FCRIN). The application will be used as a centralised information system for medical personnel to bring together all information from among the various practitioners (Neurologists, surgeons, neuropsychologists, dieticians, chiropractors, etc.).  The creation of a common patient dossier for multiple centers will simplify follow-up for patients who move. The information system will automatically create each centre’s annual activity report for the regional health agency (ARS). As well, it will allow for patient selection (among those who consent to it) for various clinical research studies. In whole, a database to be used for research on Parkinson’s disease.
Using EpiConcept’s Voozanoo 4 as the technology platform for this will enable multi-format (tablet, netbook or computer) use depending on the equipment of each centre. More information can be found at