E4N, a large epidemiological study on families to use Voozanoo


The Inserm’s Unit 1018 team 9 “Lifestyle, genes and health: transgenerational integrated epidemiology" has chosen EpiConcept to put in place its data collection platform for their extensive E4N study. The principal objective of the E4N study (http://e4n.fr) is to better understand the factors of lifestyle, genetic heritage and family (or extra-family) environment in the development of chronic diseases.  Information about the family health history, genetic information and environmental exposures will allow the group to study the risk factors for chronic widespread diseases as well as the role of early exposure to environmental agents on adult health.
This IT project began in February of 2015 and is slated for its first use in the 4th quarter of this year. It will allow the team to manage the questionnaires by themselves using Voozanoo as well as be used to interface with the new wave of wearable “connected” health objects. The E4N project has been selected as an “Investment in the Future” by the national research agency and the general investment commission.