Constances cohort questionnaires based on Voozanoo platform


EpiConcept has put in place a Voozanoo platform for collecting information from the participants of the Constances cohort ( This platform allows the cohort management team to create their own questionnaires which respect the strict confidentiality and anonymity of the data collected. For security, the platform does not manage information about the  identification of the collected data but rather, through a web service, relies on a third party trusted service to store data about identity. The platform includes a mass-mailing function which uses a specialised service from Orange.

The first version of the questionnaire campaign manager includes the possibility to define the participant groups based on the questionnaire being sent as well as a reminder system for each questionnaire. Constances is a very large epidemiological study composed of a sample representing 200,000 adults aged 18 to 69 who visit the national insurance’s health examination centers. The data collected will be used to support a variety of studies, for example: visual deficiency; mobile phones and health; or the prevention of the effects of aging.

The research projects are subject to validation from an international scientific council, an institutional piloting committee and the agreement of the national commission for informatiques and civil liberties (CNIL). This project which carries the label “Investment for the future” from the general investment commission is led by UMS 11 of the Inserm UVSQ in partnership with the national health insurance, national retirement insurance and has support from the General Directorate of Health.