Epiconcept specialises in field training in intervention epidemiology and the use of software dedicated to data collection and analysis. Epiconcept designs and provides short- and long-term training. The methods are based on interactive sessions, electronic case studies, and long-term training programs (FETP/buddy system lasting two years). Other activities include training curriculum for national or regional programmes such as those carried out for the ECDC and the General Health Departments in various countries (UK, Ireland, Serbia, Hong Kong, Canada, Tunisia, Madagascar); the organisation and management of Field Epidemiology Training Programmes (FETPs), such as those conducted with the Hong Kong DGS and the IOC; and the assessment, at the request of governments, of training programmes.

Epiconcept develops educational material (typical case studies, electronic case studies, scientific cartoons) such as that developed for the ECDC (investigation, surveillance, data analysis with R, Epiinfo7 and STATA), WHO (one-week role-play to train decision-makers in how to manage and respond to health crises of infectious origin, such as SARS, H1N1, or Nipah virus), and so on. As a result, Epiconcept has a vast bank of multi-lingual educational material that enables practical and interactive learning about the various stages and methods used in surveillance, the investigation of epidemics, surveys and studies, data analysis and the communication of results to various audiences (the public, the authorities, the media, the scientific community). The educational material is of the "public domain" type and comes from real studies and investigations conducted in various parts of the world.

Epiconcept’s experience stems partly from the past of its epidemiologists in developing countries, the US and Europe and from the current activities of Epiconcept. Epiconcept’s epidemiologists are mostly graduates of field training programmes (EIS and EPIET).

To date, Epiconcept has trained over 4,000 trainees and runs around 175 training days per year.



Epiconcept is referenced on Datadock and perfectly meets the criteria of the state’s quality certification of June 30, 2015. Thus, all our courses are eligible to be financed through your organisation’s vocational training and continuous education funds.



In practice

Epiconcept is an accredited French training body (Training Centre No. 11 75 2615 675). The types of training offered are selected or designed according to the needs of the applicants. It is organised on site.

Our trainers are experienced in the research and management of IT projects in public health.

These trainings are intended for groups of 7 or more.

For more information, contact 01 53 02 40 60 or send a message to

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