Longitudinal study on cancer among agricultural workers


EpiConcept’s Voozanoo  information system creation tool has been chosen by the Agrican (AGRIculture CANcer) research team for the second phase of their longitudinal study on cancers in agriculture workers. This longitudinal study began in 2005. The study follows retired and active agricultural workers from 12 French departments having cancer registers. The first phase, where questionnaires were sent by mail, was able to gather 180,000 individuals for the cohort.

The second phase will start in November 2013 and will use both traditional mail and electronic questionnaires. The possibility to fill out the questionnaire on-line will be offered systematically to all participants which will accellerate the data gathering process. The team in charge of this second phase chose Voozanoo as their on-line information gathering tool.  The job of putting the IT system in place will be done through a close collaboration between Agrican and EpiConcept by means of training workshops giving the Agrican team the required competencies to exploit the Voozanoo software for data collection and analysis.